Hey guys! So I know that lots of you are getting badges though me, or are planning a room with me (or both!) Im still trying to work out the minor kinks, but for the more part, much of it is planned! Info under the cut for anyone who is interested. I know its a little early to be getting this out there, but better to be prepared than not!


alrighty, so for badges, its $47 for the entire con until may 18th, but if we get enough people, we can get a group discount! Most of you have gotten passes though Kyle, and already know this. (Kyle will not be attending this con, however he and Denise have been helping me out with some of the planning!) I’ll need to have the money in for badges by March 31st.

When you are paying for you badge, please specify what badge you’re buying, since I’m going to be doing a group order form.  Check, cash, or paypal, made directly out to me. (message me for email/ address)


I already went ahead and booked a room at kalahari for the entire con. One of our roommates is planning on getting a table at artist’s alley, and thus will be working at the con for the four days. We do not yet know if she has the table yet, which we will be finding out relatively soon. If she doesn’t get the room, I’ll call to cancel thursday, which will bring down the room prices. We decided to cancel thursday regardless, so now the stay will be from friday to sunday, with checkout on sunday morning.

I booked a Desert room, which has two queens and a pullout. As it is right now, I have seven confirmed for the room, and possibly one pending. Prices for the room will be $41 for the entire weekend!

I would like to have the room money in no later than May 25th!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me! :3