who remembers how to render in photoshop?? i sure don’t oops

oh look here’s some more stuff i did at work weee

click the images for captions for detailing of each design!

(i have some more stuff, but they’re just quickie posters/ flyers lmao)

work update! I’m creating a poster set for the university; the theme is “its your choice.” its a PSA that’s supposed to help students balance fitness, eating well, and classwork.

if my poster pitch get chosen, i’ll be making a set, and they will be hung in the rec center and the food hall for the next five years!!!!!! I’m so excited!!! 

*olan rogers voice* its been a while

Constantly tweaking ballgown jolteon

Some sketchbook doodles

trying out corel painter! i really like the different brush textures and effects!

Midna doodle from a while ago

Drawing these guys as cuties helps me cope w the face that this game is an absolute nightmare.

rose vector

lines/ color/ color and lines