might color this later today

this past friday was a friend’s birthday, and since she loves sylveon so much i made her these matted watercolor paintings of her regular and her shiny sylveons!

literally do not know how i feel about these hm

tuls hasn’t even said anything yet and i can tell im going to like them

my homework tonight in digital imaging was to paint sth in photoshop so my prof could gauge our abilities in PS/ color use/ blahblahblah

so of course i went 7000000000% overboard 

tablet pen’s finally working, so here are the drawings that were requested from like a week ago!

ruto!!! i love her so much i will fight u if u say she’s annoying

gardevoir and gothitelle who was totally drawn without reference…„

eeveelutions! plus combee, vespiquen and a poop head

doodles done in my typography class last semester

please full view them so they dont look so cruddy